In response to these daunting conditions, we have constructed the Cyber System for Strategy and Decision (CSSD), an interactive knowledge-based system for research, policy, and practice.

Formally, CSSD can be characterized as a computer implementation method for facilitation, identification, and storage of data and the communication of information among a plurality of conceptually and geographically separated entities that define structures and processes, actors and activities in the joint domain cyberspace and international relations.

Anchored in the ontology, we constructed a web-based customized interactive knowledge networking system with a knowledge base of quality-controlled content and materials generated by ECIR and other related research. The process involved:

  • Developing an ontology of the joint cyber-IR domain and context
  • Building a knowledge system devoted to quality-controlled content and materials
  • Enabling interactive networking
  • Providing submission and search options for users

Overall, CSSD is structured in four domains of human interaction, defined as follows:

  1. Intersection of Cyberspace and International Relations (Cyber-IR)
  2. Governance and Institutions
  3. Conflict and War
  4. Cyberspace and Sustainability

See Cyber-IR Theory for logic and principles.