Despite advances in information and communication technologies, major political, strategic, economic and institutional barriers continue to impede the use of knowledge for decision-making. While there is a large volume of sustainability-related knowledge, data, information, published materials, and raw observations and so on, there is no intellectual coherence and no internally consistent logic to help make ‘best uses’ of existing materials. 

The challenge is to provide some order in the extensive and growing body of knowledge. These challenges are compounded in situations where there are often serious uncertainties in theory and in practice, coupled with powerful contentions in policy and strategy.

Built in lines of Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD), Cyber System for Strategy and Decision(CSSD) is the process of providing this order and representing knowledge content in the cyber-IR domain, with the full expectation that such knowledge changes over time, and that its representations must also change over time. 

focuses on knowledge managemnt of four distinctive but interconnected domains of human activities:





About GSSD

Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) is an evolving knowledge networking system dedicated to sustainable development. Designed to help identify and extend innovative approaches toward sustainability—including enabling technologies, policies and strategies, it tracks diverse aspects of challenges, problems, and emergent solutions to date. Specifically, it is a computer-assisted organized system linking discrete actors with (i) knowledge producing capacity, (ii) combined via common organizing principles, (iii) based on individual autonomy, such that (iv) networking enhances the value of knowledge and (v) stock of knowledge is expanded further.